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The 2016 Gage Muscle Conference will be held from Tuesday 12th April to Thursday 14th April 2016 at at Canberra Boys Grammar School, ACT.

Sessions will start at 11.00 am Tuesday 12th April and finish mid-afternoon Thursday 14th April.


  • Skeletal Muscle: Growth, Development and Ageing
  • Muscular Dystrophies
  • Excitation Contraction Coupling
  • Muscle Performance, Fatigue and Damage
  • Muscle as an Endocrine Organ
  • Ryanodine receptors in Health and Disease
  • Cardiac muscle disease
  • Cardiac Muscle function
  • Skeletal Myopathies

Gage Lecture

The 2016 Gage lecture will be delivered by Professor Gordon Lynch, University of Melbourne.


Regsitration has closed.

Organising committee

  • Angela Dulhunty, Gordon Lynch, Graham Lamb, Lea Delbridge, Mark Febbraio, Miranda Grounds, Nicole Beard, Robyn Murphy, Sandra Cooper
  • Website: Dave Davey

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