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Gage Conference Muscle 2020


It is with great regret that is has become necessary to cancel the 2020 Gage Muscle conference scheduled to be held from Tuesday 21st April to Thursday 23rd April 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please visit the Programme page to see the planned conference. It was clearly going to be an exciting and informative event. We will reschedule the conference with a similar programme either later this year or next year as the COVID-19 situation is clarified. Please continue to check the Website for updated information.

Organising committee

  • Nicole Beard,
  • Angela Dulhunty
  • Lea Delbridge
  • Graham Lamb
  • Robyn Murphy
  • Bradley Launikonis
  • Marco Casarotto
  • Fran Evesson
  • James Bell
  • Gordon Lynch
  • Miranda Grounds
  • Website: Dave Davey

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