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Gage Conference Muscle 2020

The 2020 Gage Muscle Conference will be held from Tuesday 21st April to Thursday 23rd April 2020 at at Canberra Boys Grammar School, ACT.

Sessions will start at 11.00 am Tuesday 21st April and finish mid-afternoon Thursday 23rd April.


  • Skeletal muscle growth, development and fatigue
  • Ryanodine receptors and channelopathies
  • Ca2+ signalling in muscle
  • Cardiac function and disease
  • Skeletal myopathies

Evolving list of Confirmed Sessions and Invited Speakers

Ryanodine receptors from different perspective
Bradley Launikonis (University of Queensland) (Chair)
  • Robyn Rebbeck (University of Minnesota)
  • Razvan Cornea (University of Minnesota)
  • Michelle Munro – (University Otago)
Structural and functional exploits of the calcium release unit
Marco Casarotto (Australian National University) (Chair)
  • Dmitry Shishmarev (Australian National University)
  • Emily Rowland (Australian National University)
Ca2+ signalling
Angela Dulhunty (Australian National University) (Chair)
  • Pete Jones (University of Otago)
  • Derek Laver (University of Newcastle)
  • Amanda Denniss (University of Canberra)
Muscle disorders 1
Miranda Grounds (University of Western Australia) (Chair)
  • Peter Arthur (University of Western Australia)
  • Connie Jackaman (Curtin University in WA)
  • Gina Ravenscroft (University of Western Australia)
Muscle disorders 2
Fran Evesson (Westmead) Chair
  • Tamar Sztal (Monash University)
  • Joe Yasa (Kids Neuroscience Centre/CMRI)
  • Andrew Bjorksten (Royal Melbourne Hospital)
Cellular mechanisms of cardiac disease
Nicole Beard (University of Canberra) Chair
  • Kelly Smith (University of Queensland)
  • Jamie Vandenberg (Victor Chang)
  • James Bell (LaTrobe University)
  • Peter Molenaar (QUT)
Novel therapeutic targets in the failing heart
James Bell (La Trobe University) Chair
  • Alex Pinto (Baker Institute)
  • Lea Delbridge (University of Melbourne)
  • Kate Weeks (Baker Institute
  • Helena Viola (university of Western Australia)
Muscle Metabolism
Robyn Murphy (Ta Trobe University) (Chair)
  • Magda Montgomery (University of Melbourne)
  • Nigel Turner (University of NSW)
  • Jacqueline Stoecklii (University of Sydney)
  • Anna Calkin (Baker Institute)
Muscle Signalling
Mark Febbraio (Monash University) (Chair)
  • Martin Whitham (University of Birmingham)
  • Sarah Turpin-Nolan ((Monash University)
  • Stefan Wette (La Trobe University)
  • Matt Watt (University of Melbourne)

Gage Lecture

The 2020 Gage lecture will be delivered by Associate Professor Nicole Beard, University of Canberra.


Registration will be through this website starting Late February.

Deadline for registration and abstract submission is Monday 6th April, 5pm.

Registration fees:
Full $500
Student $300
Fees include accommodation and all meals.

Note: There is a new payment option available. If you select 3rd Party in the "Payment by" field of the registration form, your tax invoice will include instructions that an administrative officer or the like can use to pay your subscription on-line by credit card.

Organising committee

  • Nicole Beard,
  • Angela Dulhunty
  • Lea Delbridge
  • Graham Lamb
  • Robyn Murphy
  • Bradley Launikonis
  • Marco Casarotto
  • Fran Evesson
  • James Bell
  • Gordon Lynch
  • Miranda Grounds
  • Website: Dave Davey

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